Monument Benches For Peaceful Reflection

April 23, 2014 : Blog

Monument Benches For Peaceful ReflectionAfter experiencing a loss, or taking early steps to prepare, there are many choices when it comes to memorials placed for a deceased individual in a cemetery. Monument benches are one option that offers a way to remember a loved one, as well as a way to sit with them and reflect on the times you have shared together.

A monument bench may come in a variety of different sizes, materials, and shapes, and these markers are typically significantly easier to find within a cemetery when compared to other types of markers or monuments. As family and friends choose to visit a loved one in a cemetery, it can be difficult to find precisely where a person may be located, particularly in larger memorial parks. As a larger form of headstone, these types of monuments are easier to spot, and their unique shape gives them a way to catch the eye of those scanning a location to find a specific name.

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Cemetery Flowers And Candle Holders

April 16, 2014 : Blog

Cemetery Flowers And Candle HoldersDecorating a memorial site is one great way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and other occasions with deceased friends and family members. Cemetery flowers and candle holders allow the friends and family of deceased loved ones to safely and beautifully decorate memorial sites of all types, and these come in a variety of different styles to represent the deceased, their relationships, and certain specific occasions.

Keeping candles at a memorial site is an excellent way to show a deceased loved one you care, but doing so without a candle holder can be dangerous when it comes to starting a fire. If a cemetery is placed in a dryer location, or there are other gifts surrounding the candle, the open flame without a sturdy holder can cause an unintentional hazard around the site of the grave. A cemetery candle holder can be used to hold these candles safely and securely, as they also provide a beautiful aesthetic appeal to decorate a grave site. For a Jewish memorial, these can also come in Jewish varieties to celebrate the individual at the location in a way that subsequently represents their personal faith.

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Different Types Of Jewish Memorials

April 9, 2014 : Blog

Different Types Of Jewish MemorialsA person’s religion and ancestry is a large part of who they are, and this makes it no wonder why these are often celebrated in death as well as life. Jewish memorials and headstones create a way for a person to be remembered and celebrated as part of their Jewish faith, and these types of memorials can be created in a variety of different ways.

Any type of memorial or headstone can be created to represent the individual at that particular location, and this is no exception with Jewish memorials. Whether a person wishes to have a monument, bench, plaque, or simple headstone placed in their honor, their memorial can accurately and tastefully represent their Jewish faith in a way that shows the same amount of pride as they did themselves.

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The Benefits Of A Bronze Marker

April 2, 2014 : Blog

The Benefits Of A Bronze MarkerBronze markers provide many benefits to any memorial site, and these are popular options for many different people from many different walks of life. Whether you are looking to plan early, or find yourself in need of a memorial marker, these bronze markers make an excellent choice for a variety of different reasons.

Some benefits of a bronze marker are:

• Easy to decorate – Bronze markers are very easy to decorate for memorial day, holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries, and this allows loved ones many different options when it comes to celebrating with their deceased loved ones. The flat surface created by a bronze marker can also allow flowers, candles, and gifts to be placed directly on the marker itself for personal display and presentation.

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Types Of Monuments And Memorials

March 26, 2014 : Blog

Types of monumentsWhen beginning the search for a monument or memorial for ourselves or people we may have lost, it is often surprising to many people just how many choices there are. Whether you are preparing for future arrangements or currently dealing with a loved one passing away the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed or uneducated on what types of monuments or memorials are available to you. Here is a brief overview of the different types of ways you can remember and celebrate the lifetime of yourself or a loved one.

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