Options For Custom Memorials

March 19, 2014 : Blog

OptionsOver the course of our lives no matter how long we may live, we each form a unique impression on everyone we come in contact with. It is this aspect of our essence that will carry on well after we are gone, and also the one that those who knew us best will always remember us by. When the time comes to choose a fitting memorial to celebrate and remember a life, it is comforting to know that there are several custom options form memorials to choose from that will preserve a person’s memories and character.

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Choosing A Memorial: The Basics

March 12, 2014 : Blog

ChoosingHow we want ourselves or our loved ones to be remembered may not be an issue that is always at the forefront of our mind, but it is a very important decision that we will all have to make at some point. Will it be a simple memorial or something a bit more ornate? What types of restrictions and regulations are there where the memorial will be placed? All of these issues and more must be taken into consideration before a decision is made. Here you will find some basic information that will help you in the process of choosing a proper memorial that will celebrate and remember a lifetime.

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The Etching Process For Custom Memorials

March 5, 2014 : Blog

The EtchingThe languages and art we have developed around the world over countless centuries have all served a very specific purpose. They have been cultivated and grown to help us give meaning and understanding to the world around us. Through this form of communication the words of an ancient scribe can be heard in the head of anyone who reads their work, and a painting by an old world master can still resonate with someone today. It is easy to forget how much power and image or a word can have, especially when it comes to reaching across time or even simply making an expression in the present. With this in mind, it is easy to see shy many people choose custom engravings or etchings for their own or a loved one’s memorial when it comes time to celebrate a lifetime.

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Types Of Monuments

February 26, 2014 : Blog

Types of MonumentsMonuments, like every other type of grave marker, can be customized for the individual person who’s working on after death preparations or for a deceased family member or friend. There are three main types of monuments, though, that are the most common and can be further customized to fit individual personalities and preferences.

UprightUpright monuments, as implied by the name, are structures that rise vertically from the ground. They usually resemble large, rectangular headstones that are wider than they are tall, although proportions can vary. The entire stone marker can also be made into a significant shape, such as a cross. Size is dependent on personal preference, as is the information and images that are engraved on the stone. Many choose to have names and dates placed on the stone, as well as religious symbols or favorite quotations.

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The Value Of A Memorial Bench

February 19, 2014 : Blog

Memorial BenchThere are many beautiful ways to customize grave markers, but traditional headstones are not for everyone. For those who wish to be cremated, with their ashes spread in a special place, or those who simply want an alternative to the traditional grave memorial, a bench may be something to think about.

Memorial benches are usually made from stone, often granite, and are simple, elegant places where anyone can sit and enjoy a quiet moment. Each bench is different, and different types of granite and stone can be used to personalize the experience. Fairview Monument Company, for instance, offers a rose granite bench, jet black bench, and an Indian red bench as well as benches that are finished or topped with wood like mahogany. Each of these benches has a different color, and can be made into different bench forms to fit the preferences of the deceased or his or her family members.

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