Choosing A Memorial: The Basics

ChoosingHow we want ourselves or our loved ones to be remembered may not be an issue that is always at the forefront of our mind, but it is a very important decision that we will all have to make at some point. Will it be a simple memorial or something a bit more ornate? What types of restrictions and regulations are there where the memorial will be placed? All of these issues and more must be taken into consideration before a decision is made. Here you will find some basic information that will help you in the process of choosing a proper memorial that will celebrate and remember a lifetime.

The first step will be to determine where the memorial will be placed. Memorials are generally placed on private property or in private or public cemeteries. In the case of a cemetery it is important to speak with a facilitator or manager to get a complete understanding of what types of memorials are allowed on their grounds. Often there are size and shape requirements and perhaps even some restrictions. By knowing this information beforehand it will help inform your decision later on. After this initial process is done, it will be time to choose the memorial type.

Memorials can come in a great degree of sizes, materials, shapes, and types. These can range from simple granite headstones and bronze markers to more ornate creations that can be custom fabricated. Once again the location of the memorial can limit your choice at this phase of the process so bear in mind what will and will not be acceptable before committing to a purchase. From here you can move onto the design phase in which you will have to ask some questions to finalize the look, such as the shape of the memorial and any wording or phrases you would like to add.

Other things to consider when finalizing the selection of the memorial are quality and pricing. More expensive pieces tend to be of a higher quality, but you should never feel coerced into paying for things that you do not need. While a memorial should stand the test of time, there are often instances when a simple yet durable plaque can be just as relevant to a loved one as an ornate marble headstone.

When the time comes to make the important selection of a memorial either for yourself or a loved one, remember these simple pointers to help make the process go as smooth as possible.