The Etching Process For Custom Memorials

The EtchingThe languages and art we have developed around the world over countless centuries have all served a very specific purpose. They have been cultivated and grown to help us give meaning and understanding to the world around us. Through this form of communication the words of an ancient scribe can be heard in the head of anyone who reads their work, and a painting by an old world master can still resonate with someone today. It is easy to forget how much power and image or a word can have, especially when it comes to reaching across time or even simply making an expression in the present. With this in mind, it is easy to see shy many people choose custom engravings or etchings for their own or a loved one’s memorial when it comes time to celebrate a lifetime.

This process is traditionally done on darker granites which are used in head stones, monuments, and other memorial types. The use of the dark stone allows for greater contrast which makes for easier to view legibility in both etched writing and artwork such as a portrait.

After a personal phrase, portrait, symbol, or other work is chosen the process can begin. The artist who will do the etching traditionally takes the source material such as a photograph and reverses it into a negative style view. This allows them to begin etching out the now dark areas of the artwork onto the dark stone, leaving behind the lighter colored stone underneath. The final result is a fantastic mixture of both beauty and a timeless style that is sure to be appreciated for many years to come. More complicated flourishes can even be added to these etched pieces, such as bevels or more ornate typography for quotes or other phrases on the memorial.

They way we express ourselves to the world is inherent in our actions, personality, and of course our spirit. When making a memorial that will be a testament to this expression of life it is vital that we choose the right words, images, or both to express to those we leave behind exactly what we were. By utilizing the beautiful and thought provoking art of handmade custom engravings and etching, we can solidify the aspects of what we will be remembered by.

Our lives are a chance to create memories with ourselves and those around us whom we love. A custom engraved or etched memorial is a chance to make sure those memories live on.