Types Of Grass Markers

Grass MarkersGrass marker is a term that’s used to describe the wide variety of grave markers that can be placed on the ground in a grassy field or graveyard to mark the grave of a friend, family member, or loved one. There are several different types and orientations that can be considered based on the preferences of the deceased as well as his or her family members and friends.

The first, and also one of the most well-known types of grass markers are headstones or tombstones. Historically, tombstones covered the lid of a burial chamber or box while headstones marked the head of a grave. Today the words headstone and tombstone are used almost interchangeably, however, and are used to describe either upright or flat markers placed on graves. Both these markers can be simple or elaborate depending on personal preference.

Upright markers are straight vertical markers, and are one of the more traditional ways to mark a grave. They’re often seen in older graveyards or military cemeteries. Simple upright markers are generally engraved with the name of the deceased and their dates of birth and death. Some also include a simple quote or word that describes the person or how they were loved.

This same information is often included on flat markers as well. Flat markers are used in many burial areas because they are simple and easy to care for. They lie flat on the ground, and are often compared to bevel markers, which are flat but with a slight slant to make them easier to read. Both types of markers are uncomplicated ways to mark a loved one’s resting place, and can be made more elaborate if family and friends desire.

If you’re not interested in upright or flat markers, you could also look into slanted markers. These are usually upright markers made from granite or another hard stone that have an angle to them. The angle gives the marker a somewhat different look, and adds a little bit more of a dynamic feel to the stone. Like upright and flat grass markers, slanted stones can be simple or elaborate, and are often placed at the head of a grave.

Each of these types of grass markers can be made from different materials, and paired with candle or flower holders to make paying respects easier. The simplicity of each marker is determined by the individual it will honor, as well as their family and friends, making each marker a unique way to pay tribute to and remember a loved one.