Types Of Monuments And Memorials

Types of monumentsWhen beginning the search for a monument or memorial for ourselves or people we may have lost, it is often surprising to many people just how many choices there are. Whether you are preparing for future arrangements or currently dealing with a loved one passing away the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed or uneducated on what types of monuments or memorials are available to you. Here is a brief overview of the different types of ways you can remember and celebrate the lifetime of yourself or a loved one.

The most common type of memorials is gravestones or headstones. These are versatile pieces and come in variety of shapes, sizes, and other custom options. Traditionally made of granite, each stone has a unique look and feel and can come in a wide array of colors. Darker granite headstones and gravestones can even have things like custom etchings applied to present things like artwork, symbols, or photographs. Other design options are also available depending on which vendor you decide to choose.

Other memorials are much more subtle but just as relevant and beautiful as their counterparts. These consist of flush stone or metal markers made from granite or bronze. These can be engraved with simple information of the deceased including small quotes or other wording. This type of memorial is very discreet and generally less expensive than its larger counterparts. Slightly bigger memorials of this type are things like slant memorials which are roughly half the size of a headstone or gravestone to provide a more pronounced presence.

Larger memorials come in many types as well, ranging from small to medium sized statues all the way to large mausoleums that can house multiple memorials. These are a good option for private memorial sites as many public cemeteries and other places often have size and type restrictions and regulations for their memorials or monuments.

There are several ways to remember the life of someone, and each person will want to do so in a unique way. Knowing that there are so many options available should not detract from the personal nature of this decision. Be sure to select a memorial or monument that is reflective of the life, personality, and essence of the person it is meant for. A simple bronze plaque can mean just as much to the loved ones left behind as an ornate polished granite headstone. When the time comes to make the decision on which memorial type to choose, make sure that the choice is as personal and unique as the person it is meant for.