Types Of Monuments

Types of MonumentsMonuments, like every other type of grave marker, can be customized for the individual person who’s working on after death preparations or for a deceased family member or friend. There are three main types of monuments, though, that are the most common and can be further customized to fit individual personalities and preferences.

UprightUpright monuments, as implied by the name, are structures that rise vertically from the ground. They usually resemble large, rectangular headstones that are wider than they are tall, although proportions can vary. The entire stone marker can also be made into a significant shape, such as a cross. Size is dependent on personal preference, as is the information and images that are engraved on the stone. Many choose to have names and dates placed on the stone, as well as religious symbols or favorite quotations.

Sculpture – Similar to upright monuments, sculptures are large rectangular blocks of metal or stone. The sculpture itself is usually only a part of that large stone, and is carved into the stone. Common sculpture themes include religious icons or images of the deceased or their family. These types of sculptures make for a more textured and dynamic grave marker.

HeartHeart shaped monuments are some of the simplest and most common. They are usually large blocks of stone in the shape of a single or double heart, which may be surrounded by an angel, a religious icon, or other sculpture or item. The heart or hearts then contain the engraved name of the individual who has passed away, and help to show that the person was loved and cherished both in life and in death.

Upright, sculpture, and heart monuments are all very common grave markers that are larger and easier to find and view than some other headstones. Generally made from strong, sturdy stone or metal, they can be engraved with different images or words. Because of this they’re easy to personalize, and are one way that you can show your love for a family member or friend who has passed away.