Why Choose Granite?

GraniteGrave markers and urns to hold ashes are made from a number of different materials, including metals and strong stones. Granite is one of the most common stones that’s used for grave markers, and there are a number of reasons why it may be a good choice for your loved one.

It’s affordable. Unlike some of the other stones used for grave markers, granite isn’t expensive because it isn’t valued as highly as certain metals or more precious stones. That means that it most likely won’t be the target of thieves and that, depending on the size of the marker you want, it’s likely in your price range. The money you save will allow you to focus more resources on other areas of the memorial service.

It’s durable. As a very hard stone, granite will be able to withstand many years outside in the sun, wind, rain, and snow. It will be able to stand through storms, and it will be resistant to erosion. By resisting erosion the name and inscription you decide on for your loved one will last longer, and you and your family and friends will have an easier time reading the marker. The durable, sturdy nature of the stone also makes it easy to care for and maintain.

It’s heavy. As unfortunate as it is, some grave markers may be stolen or vandalized. Because granite is a very heavy material, however, it will be difficult to move and lift, and therefore more difficult to steal. This is an advantage because it will preserve the integrity of your loved one’s grave, and save you the time and stress of having to deal with and replace a stolen grave marker.

It’s beautiful. Once it’s been shaped, engraved, and polished stones made from this material are incredibly beautiful, and will have a simplicity and elegance that will honor any family member or friend who has passed away. There are different types and colors available in order to make each marker more personalized.

It’s easy to find and customize. As one of the more common materials used to make gravestones of all types, granite is easy to find and procure from funeral homes, memorial services, or other facilities around the country, so it won’t cause you any extra trouble during what is already a difficult time. These facilities and businesses are also able to carve and engrave the stone in unique ways so that it fits the personality or wishes of your deceased family member or friend.

All of these things make granite markers a practical, beautiful material to choose. It can be fashioned into any shape or style desired, which means it will also be able to represent your loved one in the exact way you want.